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Pretty much the heart of my profile. :meow: I mainly do sketches of OCs, but I can do digital and fan art as well - just ask me! :giggle: Thanks in advance for favoriting my work! :aww:

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My favorite submissions (even I didn't know I liked a lot of stuff, XD)! Don't get too shocked if you find some risque stuff in here, though.


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Corey Harkins
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I have a stamp now, if anyone wants to use it. :D Thanks to TheKitsuneAlchemist for taking my commission; you're the greatest~ :glomp:
[Comm.] I Support Son-Void Stamp by TheKitsuneAlchemist


Wanna chat? :meow:…

Add me as a Friend on Discord! Send me a Note for my Discord Tag if you're interested!

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My Nintendo User ID: nullandvoid93
NNID: Son-Void
3DS FC: 2621-2685-4151

PSN ID: IkaMusukoDegeso

Steam Profile: Son Void

Gamertag: SSV3201

friends STAMP by peterdzign Schrodinger's Kit Support Stamp by SchrodingersKit The Kitsune Alchemist Support Stamp by TheKitsuneAlchemist [Comm.] YuSere-Magi Support Stamp by TheKitsuneAlchemist

Cyber waifu for cyber laifu. :meow:

This cutie needs more love. :cry:

Other cute female characters that I like:
Bayonetta Stamp by xHoshiGalaxyx Blossom Fan Stamp by misawafujisaki-stamp Princess Bubblegum by Gilligan-Stamps Cosmo Fan Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki Cream stamp by PFV0-Stamp :Super Mario Bros Stamp: Princess Daisy by xHoshiGalaxyx I like Dawn by SoraRoyals77 Frankie Foster Stamp by LoudNoises Giffany by Marlenesstamps Jenny Wakeman by Gilligan-Stamps Inside Out Stamp: Joy by TMNT-Raph-fan Luluco stamp by Einhornprinz Marie :: Splatoon Stamp by DawnRedd Marine Stamp by PFV0-Stamp Miraculous Ladybug stamp by migueruchan I like May by SoraRoyals77 Marzipan by TheStampCollection Overwatch: Mei by poppliio I like Misty by SoraRoyals77 Lady Palutena Stamp by laprasking Princess Peach Stamp 2 by PFV0-Stamp Peridot Stamp by migueruchan Mei Stamp by Mayu-Hikaru Princess Rosalina Stamp by DIA-TLOA I love Serena by SoraRoyals77 Shantae - Pirate's Curse Stamp by SnowTheWinterKitsune SvTFE Stamp: 001 by TheRosePrince Starfire Stamp by Allendra3 Tetra by Marlenesstamps tikal stamp by PFV0-Stamp [Game Stamp] Toriel Love by FakeTsuki Velma Dinkley stamp by multigal Viridi Stamp by laprasking i heart vivi stamp free by HavickArt WyldStyle: Come with me.. Stamp by xXKawaiiStarXx
PKMN Sun and moon - Moon stamp by Aquamimi123


Echh, think tank's just bone-dry today. :grump:

Well, it IS the weekend, I guess; think it's time I took a break from thinking. :XD:
Think I woke up a little too early this morning...I'm still kinda tired. :sleep:
I'd like to make a cover sketch for my "Swimming Solo" PPG fic, but I have no idea how to do it. ^^; I have a few ideas kicking around, but I can't decide on what. :P
In other news, why are Journals showing up in my New Deviations widget? :? Do I have to switch back to these again? :stupidme:
So I ended up doing another Ask a Character thing. It's Powerpuff-related, of course (gotta keep with the current theme, after all :giggle:), and a small part of it involves my headcanon breathholding time for Blossom (which I won't spoil here ;P).

Problem is, doing these kinds of things tend to wear me out, and things like Waterbound Amy and Amika's Mansion are proof positive of that. For example, updates on Waterbound Amy have been scarce at best, and I have not done a proper Amika's Mansion piece for a little under a year at this point. That's how burned out I can get doing these things. :stupidme:

So, I'm not quite sure if I should put this new Ask a Character pic up, simply because I don't want to crash and burn again like I did with those projects. So, sorry in advance if you feel like you're missing something. ^^;
That feel when you want to do something for tomorrow but you have zero ideas. ;w;
Imagine an imaginary menagerie manager managing an imaginary menagerie.

Just something I thought I'd type to test for bugs, since the Activity widget is apparently freaking out according to my friend The-Victor-Catbox. Hopefully this shows up on my page!
I have had zero sketching ideas for three days. I feel like the constant Velma sketches have mentally drained me. ^^; I haven't really been keeping up with RPs, either...

I don't know what to do; should I take a break to refresh, or try and draw a comm or something? Heavily leaning towards the latter, since I have a couple comms that I'm sure are waaay overdue. :P
I am like beyooooond tired right now. Like, I don't wanna be up. :grump:
MINOR WARNING: What you are about to see is a prime example of extreme dorkatry. :XD:

That feel when you want to draw your friends' characters 'cuz you think none of yours are cute enough. ;w;

Tried sketching out two things earlier tonight, and wasn't satisfied by either of them. :P It also sucks, 'cuz I WANT to draw something right now~ ^^;
Anyone got any names for my new undersea schoolgirl character and her mermaid friend? :meow: I've gotten Chelsea and Lauren so far. :nod:

Random Trigger/Luluco-Inspired Sketch by Son-Void   Chloe Saturn Doodles by Son-Void
Don't really have a lot of ideas for sketches right now. ^^; I blame Velma. :XD: Regardless, I may just take the day off to refresh. :nod:
After searching for it since late last year, now I can finally say I tried Crystal Pepsi for the first time. :D

And I gotta say...not too bad. :nod: I definitely prefer it to regular Pepsi, at least. :XD: Too bad it's extremely limited. ^^;
Oh yeah. There was a Fire Emblem Direct today.

I...guess I'll watch it...? Question mark? know, now that the game is actually being worked on, I'm starting to think working with this many Water Planet characters could be a bad idea. ^^; That, and some of them are admittedly redundant. :P (What was I thinking, adding Underwater Princess? :stupidme:)

So, for the sake of my sanity, I might end up cutting some of my own characters from the game and reducing the episodes down. :nod: If anyone wants me to cut some of their characters, let me know. :aww:
also can we please talk about fucking


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